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    Scents for Candles: Aromatherapy Benefits

    In this video I’m going to show you a variety of candle scents that not only smell great but promote benefits for your mind and body as well!  Using pure essential oils in your candles can produce true aromatherapy benefits. There are scent combinations for candles that can be used to alleviate stress, freshen a room, create an energizing and relaxing environment.  I’ve put together a list of suggested scents for candles to fit a variety of purposes. Consider combining some of these suggestions for unique and custom candle scents.

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    About this Blog Craft of Candles isdedicated to guiding you on products and scents that are best to use to create beautiful homemade candles. (With personal stories and examples along the way.)  My name is Meredith Kadel and I started making candles as a hobby about 5 years ago.  As a kid I always loved crafting and making things with my hands.  Candle making was a way to bring this back into my adult life.  I primarily make my candles as gifts for family and friends, especially around Christmas time, and occasionally will make them as favors for family events.  They’re the perfect gift for anyone, made with love and…

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    Getting Started

    Candle making and selecting scents for candles has become one of my favorite hobbies.  I find it very relaxing while it simultaneously releases some of my creative kid-esque crafting energy.  To get started there is one item that I personally highly recommend using – a pouring pot.  Yes, you could simply use one of your deeper kitchen pots. However, I doubt you’re looking for your next dinner to have a peppermint or rose scent/taste to it.  This is exactly what will happen once you start mixing all those beautiful scents for candles among your melted soy wax.  Additional necessary components include: Need: Candle Wicks – you can also buy holders to keep…

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    Wedding Favors

    Candle Wedding Favors! My husband and I were married April 29th, 2017 in Bethlehem, PA.  Where we both went to school and originally met.  I spent a good amount of time trying to think of a creative and inexpensive favor for our guests.  After reviewing a number of different options I decided to go with something I love to make myself.  Homemade candles for each guest!  I debated a number of different scents for the candles but ultimately decided to go with the clean cotton scent again, as it is a crowd favorite.  I made them in small silver tins with lids, created a custom label on PowerPoint and had them…

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    Baby Shower

    Shower Favors! Three years ago today my smart, sassy and beautiful niece came into the world! My husband’s Grandmother threw a beautiful baby shower for my sister-in-law a few months before her due date.  She asked that I help with favors – so of course I opted to make candles!  I wanted to select a scent for the candles that would create a clean, crisp and subdued aroma.  So ultimately it was an easy decision – a simple clean cotton scented, soy wax candle, in a glass votive.  We wrapped each one in pink tulle and attached pink plastic pacifiers to tie each one.  Being that the shower was to…

  • Gifts & Favors

    Holiday Gifts

    The Perfect Holiday Gift I initially started making candles as gifts for family and friends around the holidays and they were a hit! I love going through all of the seasonal scents for candles! Whether you choose to make them in “bulk” or one at time, they’re easily customizable making them great personalized gifts!  I made them in 8oz mason jars, simply added a themed ribbon around each one and picked holiday themed scents: balsam, cinnamon stick, sugar cookie and peppermint! If you’re interested in making your own candles check out my post on how to get started!